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Game tag on posts

The #game tag used to be applied pretty consistently to game announcement posts, but it seems like that’s trailing off.

Is this a temporary taxonomical time out? I’ve found the tagging useful and am missing it for the newer posts.


Nope, we just forget to do it sometimes! @shakao and @peli are our pro taggers

Yeah, I think Peli & I both got a bit busy (doing a pass now to catch up haha), but I also didn’t realize anyone was using the tags! I’ll check in more regularly since it’s actually useful to folks. :slight_smile:


Indeed. In fact, I hacked around on a weekend project that consumes Discourse’s API to build a gallery view some of the games. :blush:

I have a list of obvious improvements to make still… let’s call this a soft-launch.


Oh this is awesome!! :smiley: I immediately got distracted replaying my favorite games haha, it’s so nice to see them all in gallery view like this.

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I love this!

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I definitely spent disproportionally more time on platform infrastructure than on ui/ux design. :sweat_smile:

It’s a Next.js app that uses Incremental Static Regeneration to pregenerate the pages at build time + runs a lambda that will regenerate after a certain interval. :heart_eyes:

I took this approach initially to avoid CORS issues talking to the Discourse API from client-side code.

… however, there were some lambda execution time limits I ran into on my hobby account (due to Discourse’s rate limits and API design), so then I implemented a key-value store in a serverless Cosmos db instance and hooked up a github action to keep it up to date. :sweat_smile:

It was fun trying out some new things…

Pretty sure that’s all running smoothly, though, so now I can get back to tweaking some UI. :grin: