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Game tag on posts

The #game tag used to be applied pretty consistently to game announcement posts, but it seems like that’s trailing off.

Is this a temporary taxonomical time out? I’ve found the tagging useful and am missing it for the newer posts.


Nope, we just forget to do it sometimes! @shakao and @peli are our pro taggers

Yeah, I think Peli & I both got a bit busy (doing a pass now to catch up haha), but I also didn’t realize anyone was using the tags! I’ll check in more regularly since it’s actually useful to folks. :slight_smile:


Indeed. In fact, I hacked around on a weekend project that consumes Discourse’s API to build a gallery view some of the games. :blush:

I have a list of obvious improvements to make still… let’s call this a soft-launch.


Oh this is awesome!! :smiley: I immediately got distracted replaying my favorite games haha, it’s so nice to see them all in gallery view like this.

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I love this!

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I definitely spent disproportionally more time on platform infrastructure than on ui/ux design. :sweat_smile:

It’s a Next.js app that uses Incremental Static Regeneration to pregenerate the pages at build time + runs a lambda that will regenerate after a certain interval. :heart_eyes:

I took this approach initially to avoid CORS issues talking to the Discourse API from client-side code.

… however, there were some lambda execution time limits I ran into on my hobby account (due to Discourse’s rate limits and API design), so then I implemented a key-value store in a serverless Cosmos db instance and hooked up a github action to keep it up to date. :sweat_smile:

It was fun trying out some new things…

Pretty sure that’s all running smoothly, though, so now I can get back to tweaking some UI. :grin:


For the most liked, can you include a like count too?

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Sure! Added to both latest and all time.

I didn’t spend much time on how it should look. If you have feedback on its placement or presentation, let me know.

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Also note: the count may display a slightly stale value if you’re going through and liking things. The gallery caches results from the forum for a bit.

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I think the forums have the unfortunate issue that it’s hard to find the most recent version of a game in case it got updated. I don’t have the ability to edit older posts, and adding updates in a long thread makes them hard to find. The click counts shown by the forum typically have very low click rates for the updated versions, while the version in the first post continues showing growing numbers.

For example, now shows my Space Rocks 3D game, but clicking it launches the initial version which has some known bugs. The latest one has various improvements, but it’s not very motivating to make updates if few people end up finding them :-/

Would it be possible to add some features to the forum to make updated or recommended versions of a game easier to find? It doesn’t need to be a full “Edit post” feature, but it would help if the first post could show a link to the comment with the latest update, especially if it would also be possible for the games gallery to pick that up.


About the threshold for the “all-time”-view - would it make sense to also count likes for other posts in the thread including updated versions? I’m sad that Boulders and Gems didn’t make it into the all-time list, presumably due to only having five likes on the top post (this was a fairly rough early version), while the lowest-shown game has seven. Or maybe lowering the threshold since there aren’t that many games on the list anyway? (Of course, it’s also possible that people are legitimately not enjoying the game, in which case I should accept my cruel fate…)


The click counts shown by the forum typically have very low click rates for the updated versions, while the version in the first post continues showing growing numbers.

… would it make sense to also count likes for other posts in the thread including updated versions?

Yeah; this is a tough one. Currently the gallery leans on existing Discourse searches to determine the results displayed for each view. The searches are documented on the home page, but I know the descriptions aren’t all that compelling. The all-time page is the first 50 results from this forum search:

I do maintain a cache of the metadata for each game and I could start writing my own queries against this store to build my own pages/rankings. But there was something appealing about building a thin visual façade on top of existing Discourse views…

… there have been a couple of requests for better handling of updated games in the games gallery elsewhere on these forums too.

I should probably start looking for posts in topics by the original poster that contain game-looking links and take the most recent one as the game link. Counting likes is harder in this model, though, because it seems like games which have multiple iterations are likely to have inflated like counts (as the same people can like them more than once). I guess I could count unique likes across each game post by original poster… but I’m not sure the API gives me enough info to tally that without making significantly more calls…

I’ll keep thinking this over.

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@kwx FWIW, this weekend I took a crack at pulling in updates to a game by looking at additional posts from the original author within a topic.

Long story short, Discourse does not want this workflow to be easy. After some number of requests, Discourse starts returning errors within the response body (but still 200 success) along the lines of error: 'You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later.'. … this is on top of the throttling that I’ve implemented to avoid the other rate limiting behavior I’ve seen.

I still hope to at least tackle the game updates issue (even if I still only track like counts on the first post for starters), but it’s less straightforward than I’d hoped.

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Sorry to hear about the complications, and thank you for looking into it. Is there anything we could do as posters to make your life easier? I was thinking about adding an updatable link such as a github site in future game announcement posts, but I suspect that would be hard to reliably associate with the game entry in an automated scan unless there are well-defined conventions.

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Publish perfect games on the first try? :sweat_smile:

No, it’s fine. I have a couple of patterns for detecting game links (including github links). I think with the #game tag (added by forum mods) there should be enough to go off of.

Back when I first joined the forums, you could edit posts. That was handy for keeping game updates at the top of a topic.

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