Games gallery update now pulls in updates to games! For instance, @kwx iterated several times on his incredibly impressive Space Rocks 3D!. But the games gallery only featured the initial release.

No more! (@kwx’s author page—notice that it points to the latest release of the space rocks game.)

Like counts and the all-time view are still based on the likes on the first post… for reasons (some discussion here). I hope to improve this at some point.

… if you notice a game updating when it shouldn’t—for instance, if an author remixes their own game several times, but the first link is the best place to start—let me know. We can manually override game updates in situations like this.


This is amazing, thanks! This motivated me to add yet another Space Rocks 3D update (adding analog joystick control) to help test the feature :slight_smile:

Ha! :sweat_smile:

You’re going to expose the fact that the indexer currently runs pretty infrequently (twice a day); I probably need to adjust my git hub action trigger schedule to run more frequently.

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