This one’s not much of a game, but fun enough to play around with…

I’ve always been interested in games where you have indirect control over characters with their own behaviors. This one’s a pretty simplistic approximation of that mechanic.

I also really like games that let you grow things. This is a pretty simple system for that, too.


B — change tool; the tools are hoe/harvest; plant; and cancel pending task
A — schedules the current tool’s task on the selected tile

U / D / L / R — move the cursor

The gardener will walk around to complete your scheduled tasks. Planted tiles (you must hoe the tile before planting) will grow over time. There are four flower colors, and you’ll randomly grow one of them at full maturity. If you don’t like the flower you grew, you can harvest it (with the hoe tool), and re-plant the space to grow a different one.


Edit: I should also note this was built with blocks, but in the beta editor. You should switch to the beta editor if you want to poke around at the code…

Edit 2: I guess share links don’t work from beta, if you use a new function. I’ve updated the link above to point at a github release instead (sorry there’s no screenshot).


Here’s a screenshot from a garden I made, just so you get a sense of what the “game” looks like:

… who needs Stardew Valley / Animal Crossing ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no, I can’t get hooked on another calming game, I’m only one fossil away from finishing up that section of the museum in New Horizons…


ahhh I love that you can see what squares you’ve already put a command on. turns out telling other people what to do is much faster than doing the labor myself D:< got so many queued up XD