Get Fire out the Flamey end of Starship: Video Arcade


Trying to get the fire out of the Starship Serial Number 10 to vent from the flamey end, not the middle and not the pointy end. For our Fantasy Starship Factory. See playlist on the YT channel. Code in the description. I cannot get the flames going down rather than up. Anybody help ? ?

got the flames repositioned below the Starship with help from a friend, code is here:

Back to Arcade Meowbit and SD Wireless : Video, I cannot get BLE to work with the Kittenbot SD Wireless card, the request for app. gives “Not available in your country”. The Radio works between Meowbit and Microbit as shown: it may work from Meowbit to Meowbit but we have yet tested that. Trying to figure out computation of fuel,altitude and time after launch: