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Is there a reason when I create a github repository through makecode arcade it does not have a wiki?

I am a teacher and I have just started using makecode arcade in my classes. Using this with github has a few features that could be useful for my students such as looking back through their progress in their commits each lesson. I also have them keep a journal which helps them with their evaluation. I was thinking they could do this in wiki pages (not sure if there is a more appropriate place for this) but a makecode repo does not have the wiki page but when I manually create a new repo on my github it does.

Hm, that must just be the default behavior when creating a github repo - it’s possible they set different defaults depending on how it is created. You can enable wikis on any repository by going to settings

and scrolling down to features (below the banner image button)


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Thank you that will solve my problem students can enable wikis on their repos :grinning: