Hello Neighbor?

Could you possibly port over a game similar to Granny or Hello Neighbor? How could the main features be implemented such as hiding spots, enemy FOV, keys, puzzles, etc. And I want to try doing it all with blocks.

If this is too complicated, I understand, but if there is at least a way to make a hiding spot to stop an enemy from chasing you then please tell me

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It is possibly i’m sure! for the hiding spot i think you can set a hiding variable and make it false, ( set hiding to false ) then when the sprite overlaps a hiding spot then you can make the code so it’ll change hiding to true. if that doesn’t make sense, please tell me!!

Well this is my unlocking doors function.

Thank you! I kinda knew how I could do that but how would that make the enemy stop following you and start kinda walking around aimlessly?


Haha I was looking at that right after I made this post! Thanks!

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I think you could make it maybe on an on game update where it checks if hiding is set to true and if it is, it’ll run code where it wanders around. Of course maybe instead of using an on game update though, you could just set it to when hiding is set to true, then the code would run to make the enemy stop searching. Sorry if this doesnt make sense, I don’t know how to explain it!

Check out the game ’ hideNseek’ which @felixtsu posted here: Sensing sprites

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No, I understand. Thanks for helping!

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Finding out that would be too much while replying, I’ve created a new topic, hope it’ll be helpful.