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I know there is a “square root” block, but is there a cube root one? I can’t find it

is there a way to add save and load to a game so that you don’t lose your spot in a game

is there a way to use the Xmaker to make a online multiplayer game

Can you help me with fixing my game it was switched to java script and wont load again

Hi @RichardPleaseHelpMe, can you share a link to your code? Here’s how to create a share link:

2022-01-11 10.49.58

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It doesnt give me an option it says “Oops! There was an error. Please ensure you are connected to the Internet and try again.” even though i have a very strong internet connection i hope you can help this is for school work

@RichardPleaseHelpMe do you see any errors? They would show up at the bottom of the text editor:

2022-01-20 14.43.17

Can you send a screenshot of any that show up?

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Nothing shows for problems either

@RichardPleaseHelpMe can you try opening up the web console and seeing if there are any errors in there? Here are the instructions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

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Its me again, i didnt go to well with the help but i found out i had a not too far screenshot

i was wondering if you knew how when i go on different levels i can make new sprites spawn on that one and keep the old ones back at the old levels?

@RichardPleaseHelpMe the easiest way to do something like that is to just destroy all the sprites and recreate them:

However, that approach means the enemies won’t remember where they were and go to the same locations as before. Most old video games use this approach.

Hey I have been wanting to see if I could add my own audio to my game. Does anyone know if that’s possible in makercode or do I have to find another platform to add my own audio?

Hi Richard. I am currently trying to recreate the first super Mario game. But I need help. I can’t find out how to make the Goomba bounce back when they hit each other, and I need help making Mario change back to the idle picture after jumping. Here’s a link to the game

How do you make a gif @richard

hello can you help me find out how to add gravity to my platformer