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Hide experimental version warning

As we need to use the Beta version of the Minecraft editor currently (awaiting lockedEditor to make it into the release version), it would be good if there was a parameter we could add to the URL that removed the warning. The main issue is on Windows, if you click the warning, it does return back to the release version which allows student to bypass the lockedEditor features.
Interestingly, this isn’t the case though for Mac OS, which clicking it opens a new browser tab instead of inside the Codebuilder.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 13.54.43

Try adding experiments=1 to the url.

Unfortunately this does not work @peli within Minecraft it seems. An example codebuilder command I am using can be found below.
Oddly though, it does remove it when opened in a normal web browser…

codebuilder navigate @p false