How can I increase difficulty level in my game


How can I increase difficulty level in my Design your Clovers game? Is it possible. Can you please help me to understand the code to do this.


Hi Joel, welcome to the MakeCode Arcade community. Perhaps if you share a link to your game, other people could take a look at what you have made. To share your game, click on the Share option, then the Publish button. Copy the address shown and include in your next post.



Regards Joel Vineeth

I would either use the score or a timer to progressively make the game harder. For example, you could use an if statement to test if the score is at certain level and then increase the spawning speed of your projectile sprites. You could also do this using the game timer. Another option would be to create a variable to control the speed of your bee sprites. You could increase their speed as well when the score or timer reaches a specific level.

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