How to be notified of next ArcadeJam?

I wasn’t aware of OceanJam until I saw the games posted. Is there possibility of notifying/subscribing somehow via email so that we’re alerted next time a jam is planned?

They will post on thr Forum when a new game jam starts - they even let us vote for the theme! Keep looking out - but since a jam just ended, it’s probably going to take a couple months before the next

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Exactly! For those of us who don’t need to be active on the forums then it’s not practical to notice when a jam is starting. I’ve missed a couple now and was hoping to sign up with my child.

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Hmm, good question! Adafruit runs a monthly MakeCode Newsletter that usually has info about the jams:, we haven’t synced our game jam dates up with their newsletter release dates but that’s definitely something we should do going forward. We also publish the jams on and publicize on Twitter ( if you are on either of those platforms.

If you have any suggestions for good avenues to publicize the jams we’d definitely be open to check them out also!

I feel like all of those require you to actively watch noisy stream of info? I signed up to notifications for makecode which hopefully helps.

How about a simple mailing list?

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