[Announcement] Help us decide the next game jam theme!

Hey folks,

We’re going to be doing another game jam soon and we wanted to give our community a chance to help us decide what the next theme will be! We’ve prepared four options for you to vote on:

  • Traffic Jam: games about cars or roads or travel! This could be anything from a racing game to a game about trying to pick the right lane at a traffic light.
  • Jam Session: a music-themed game jam! Your game could be about making music, or feature awesome background tunes, or use sound as a mechanic.
  • Fruit Jam: games featuring fruit! For example, a game about baking the perfect fruit tart, or throwing bananas at a monkey, or navigating a blackberry-bush maze.
  • Jam Packed: games about collecting or organizing things! This might be a bug identification game, or a game about cleaning your room, or an unboxing game!
  • Traffic Jam
  • Jam Session
  • Fruit Jam
  • Jam Packed

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This poll will stay open until 11:03 AM next Friday (August 21).

Also check out our past games jams: 5 Second Jam, One Room Jam, and Garden Jam.


I like the sound of this

This is gonna be so much fun!! :grinning: :grin: :smiley: :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :smirk:

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Two more days to vote on the game jam theme!


This is intense!
What will happen if there is a draw?

Haha great question! We will probably flip a coin and randomly select one :slight_smile: We definitely want to use the other themes in future game jams though, so they’ll be back!

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OMG!! 6 HOURS LEFT!! :grinning:


22 minutes!
If someone changes there vote from traffic to fruit, then they will be tied.


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Traffic jam it is!

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oh. i chose Fruit jam

@Dreadmask197 no worries! There will be many more jams and it’s a good theme so I’m sure we’ll do it at some point.

Oh no its fine. I asked my sisters what I should vote for. They said fruit and I wanted the traffic jam because it sounded cool you know? Traffic Jam lol. Funny tho

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Same! I asked and she was like fruit and I said get your own MakeCode Forum account.

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Is she old enough? btw that is really funny

No, but she wouldn’t use it anyways, because she didn’t really code. Last time she touched coding was from playing a scratch game.
But I’m still trying to convince her to learn at least MakeCode Arcade!

I mean isn’t arcadeMakecode the best?!
Yes, it is. Scratch was confusing and question, does she play any of your games?
My sister likes to code but she didn’t want to try make code?!
I tried convincing her and she wouldn’t even budge. I asked if she wanted to help me test out a 2 player game and she said no, sadly

Yes. Definitely.


She did a tiny bit of scratch but she hasn’t touched code in a while

Wow. Thats crazy. You must be a teenager with a sibling under 13. Coding can create anything. How do you believe they make screens on cars or make satellites do stuff?! That’s crazy @UnsignedArduino

The power of deductive reasoning :sweat_smile:

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