How To Define Wall Tile On Arcade Game

Hello all, I am happy I can make arcade game based on this tutorial

But when finish I found things to be improved for how to define wall.
In the youtube video I did not find how to define a wall so cat can only climb on wall tile, not climb on ground tile or at the edge of screen.
Does anybody know how to make cat can only climb on wall tile ? Do we have block on Scene “Set Wall to Defined Image Tile” ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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Have you all watched all THREE YouTube films on making the game? In one of the films he explains when overlapping a certain tile and the cats velocity is negative (moving up) that it can attach to the wall; that is if I remember correctly.

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Hm, unfortunately we don’t differentiate the “walls” on the side of the screen from the walls inside your tilemap. I think the easiest thing for you to do would be to use the “location” inside the “on sprite hit wall” block to check that the cat is next to an allowed tile. That might look something like this:


Code here:

Hope that helps!


Yes I have watched it, but it is not make any difference how to separate between ground and wall tile. All tile consider as wall. That is why the cat can climb to ground tile also.

OK I will try this. Thank you for your help.