How to Make a Platformer Game [REFILMED]

Hello game devs,

I’ve finished refilmed the “How to Make a Platformer” series to take advantage of all the great features in Arcade after we officially released from beta.

The game “2 Cat 2 Curious” features our hero “Hops and Paw” in a daring adventure of climbing, riches and bee-battles :slight_smile:

Take a look here:

This three part series starts from scratch and builds a platformer game that includes: spawning enemies, multiple levels, wall jumping, fireballs, and more.

Also, if you have any feedback for the series or requests for future content, please let us know here on the forum!



there is a weird thing that happens when you go to one side or the other when touching the bottom of a block, could that be fixed?

Great question! What’s happening here is that the cat is colliding with the wall when it’s in the jumping frame but when the cat changes into the “wall clinging” frame the pixels are shifted down and the cat no longer is colliding so it starts falling but then the falling frame is again colliding and this back in forth is causing the jitter.

Here’s the jitter I saw, I think this is the problem you’re mentioning:

Here’s one way to fix it, just shift the clinging pixels up:

Here’s the end result:

That cat hangs off the edge a bit, but cat’s are pretty good at holding onto things :slight_smile:

And I just redrew Hops and Paw a little bit to show a better precarious cling:
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.27.17 PM

yeah, that was what was happening, also, i like the idea of the bee, but wouldnt it make more sence if it was all ready there and just got “mad” when yo trample the flower,
(boss idea)

theres a bee hive, and you hit it and then its turns out to be a boss, and some times bees will come out, or make you move slow becaus eyou in hunny!!


  • Blobiy

These are all great ideas. You could make honey tiles and check when the cat is on them and make the cat’s movement speed and jump height slower when it is.

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Like Minecraft!

I have tried this great game but I found something strange. The cat can climb on ground tile and on edge of the screen like this picture. How to fix this ? Can we define wall based on the tile ?