How to do two emulators simultaneous multiplayer

I am curious, can two emulators run side by side and communicate with each other? If they could that would be awesome (for an upcoming game), because then I wouldn’t have to do split screen or same screen multiplayer.

I don’t know if that’s possible, but local communication between two active simulators would be sick!

If you use the radio services then a second sim will pop up. I’m pretty sure @E-EnerG-Gamecentral used it for his mail service in a cboy.

Or, you can go to and two MakeCode Arcade pages will pop up and both sims will be connected via jacdac but I’m pretty sure jacdac is still broken right now

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I remembered seeing it from an OS and realized it’s from WindOS
I’ll try to figure it out

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Thanks @UnsignedArduino , (sorry the comment saying I’ll try to figure it out was submitted before I saw your reply, but yours got approved first) I’m really excited to see if I can finish my splatoon “demake”!