How to save sprite in gallery

Hello guys, a query wanted to know if a sprite design can be saved in the gallery so as not to redraw it when you want to use it in another project

Check assets.

@Gemerson make sure to check the ‘Assets’ tab in the editor to see any images, backgrounds and tilemaps you have created

I mean that for example in a video game I create a Mario Bross sprite, now I want not to draw it again but I can use it from a gallery like pizza or the ghost, and not have to draw it again to be able to use it, I don’t know if let me understand, I hope your help thanks

In the sprite editor, or where you draw the sprite, instead of going into the gallery, go into the next tab, assets, and click the image you want.

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If you want to use the same sprite for a different program, you’ll either have to save a .png file to your computer or create a GitHub repo with the sprite image inside.
Assets in Arcade do not carry over to different projects.

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Thank you, you will have a link on how to do that in gibhub since I do not know how to use it well

@Gemerson I don’t know much about GitHub either, maybe @Agent_14 can help/

@Agent_14, please explain to @Gemerson how to save arcade images, tilemaps and images to GitHub in a new repo please

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Another option is copy-pasting the image from one project to another —

if you go to the Asset Editor, there’s a “Copy” button on the panel. If you click it, then you can use “Ctrl-V” to paste it into a new image in your new project

(gif to help)


Thank you very much it has been very helpful

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