Where is the tile gallery stored on GitHub?

I want to copy and modify some of the tiles from the tile gallery but I do not want to manually draw it - so is there a place on GitHub where the tiles are stored? (so I can copy the tiles into the tile editor and then modify it) A search through pxt-arcade and pxt-common-packages did not turn up any results.



Hi @UnsignedArduino !
Just in case, thought I think you have known followings.
And if I didn’t misunderstand what you want. :joy:

  1. It defined in “pxt-arcade\libs\device\sprites.castle.jres”, but encoded in base64
  2. In JS you can called with “sprites.castle.tileGrass2” as image object (The namespace defined at beginning of the file), then you can read/modify/save it to a new image or log to console.
  3. In Blocks mode, create/edit a “My Tiles” in tilemap editor, choose “Gallery” at top, all buildin tiles are listed. And resource name will be shown when mouse hovering. After choose one of them, you can copy pixels with the Marquee tool in tile editor.

Hope this helped.