I can't find what I'm missing in this code

When the microbeat v1.5 is tilted to some extent, it sends a signal to v2, and the v2 that receives the signal is also tilted to some extent, so that it makes a sound.
But I don’t know why it’s not working properly. can you help me?

V1.5 code : https://makecode.microbit.org/_a22YzL8RJWRh
V2 code : https://makecode.microbit.org/_0L63mjgA80EL

(I am a foreigner who is not familiar with English, so it may be awkward using a translator. Please understand.)

Welcome, @rmsdn !

If you want micro:bit devices to talk to each other, then they need to use the same group ID. Your v1.5 code uses group 73, and your v2 code uses group 72. Change one to match the other.

You are welcome to use your primary language instead of English. We have quite a few members of the community who speak languages other than English. If we don’t speak your language, then we can always use a translator app, too.

U will need something that recieves the thing so it shows the number that gets sent