I would like help with a game jam theme

Hallo! I need to make a game around the theme “At the beginning…there was nothing.” If anyone has any ideas for a game that could be created around this theme, and in the time frame of 6 days, I would appreciate it if you could lend me some ideas. Thanks.

evolution type game? Like you start with nothing, just darkness - then you have the big bang, bam, cavemen! stuff like that?

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or something like that first it was all dark with only a small dot/the player and then the dot starts creating a small street then a village, next a town,then a city,the world and the whole universe.

so do you want the theme to be like at the beginning there was nothing like something like like…for example…After the war there was nothing only the winds sound,the oceans waves,the sound of the shots in my head and only me the last survivor…so is it something like that?