[Announcement] FINAL Game Jam Theme Hint

In honor of announcing the Game Jam theme tomorrow, here’s one last clue! Any guesses? :male_detective:

Also check out our game jam teaser announcement video!


is it…agh! there was just sooo many stuff in that video my brain wouldn’t understand and with the gif or it may be a science jam? i don’t know hope it’s easy but hard at the same time

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I’m so confused! Now it still could be time because it you have to complete the orders within a specific time???

Also Vivian sounds so calm in the video which is definitely not Vivian :joy:. But those animations in the video were :100::100::100:.


I’m thinking it might have to do with repetition? But there is just to much to be sure.


In a loop??? Cause both feature characters in a continuous loop??? REVEAL DA THEME IS 9:15 rjfrhiuncgferhiukcbfhegwkjaqwhqcf rwh eibceiughu

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!yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! today is the day they tell us the theme yesterday i just wanted it to be night and go to sleep then when i wake up i go to the forum and check on the topics and then i would see a topic a bout the theme

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Some mysterious stranger posted an announcement: