Importing external assets

After having scoured the messages boards and the internet, it seems there are no good ways to import external assets into Makecode Arcade. The best resource I’ve seen so far is pxt-editor-extension-sample ( However, that either requires you to copy and paste every image you want and make a sprite out of it, if you want it to actually show up in the Assets library.

Otherwise you can export as a ts file, then copy the text out and paste it into a .ts file you create inside makecode. But you won’t get any of the images as assets and nothing will show up in the drag-and-drop section, except a placeholder for code.

So, am I missing something? It has taken me a long time and lots of frustration to figure out the parts I have, but surely there is a set of instructions for actually importing external assets into Makecode? The hand copying and pasting, creating an image and then having to manually go into the editor to rename it into an asset is extremely tedious . And is there no way to import tiles?

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