Introducing: Makecode Party!

So, a bunch of people have gone around to make recreations of various Mario spinoffs, including Mario Kart, Super Mario Maker, etc. And I noticed: nobody has made a version of Mario Party yet. So I’m going to do that.

This game will have a total of 24 characters, with 20 playable normally and 4 unlockable by completing specific objectives. If your character can’t become a character, you can make it an NPC too.

I do not have a test build of this game yet, I just wanted to get the word out that I would be starting this project. (And no, this will not halt to progress of Coding Castle unless otherwise stated.)

Here’s a poll for getting your character in the game.

  • I want my character to be a playable character.
  • I want my character to be an unlockable character.
  • I want my character to be an NPC (this could be the host of the game, or, for example, a shopkeeper on one of the boards)
  • I do not want my character in this game (you can vote this or just ignore the poll)

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How big will the characters each be? in pixels, so i can start designing

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I’d say around 25x25 or 30x30. Just enough to get smaller details in.

Also, I forgot to mention, each character will have their own dice block hat they can use anytime, so make sure to include that when you suggest your character. If I’m feeling generous, I might give your character their own board (for example, Coneguy will have a beach board.)


Like… A die that you wear as a hat?
Also what is a board? is that like a map?

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Sorry…I meant to say THAT. As in: “each character will have their own dice block that they can use anytime, so make sure to include that when you suggest your character.”

And yes, a board is a map. Here is an example of a board in Mario Party. The blue, red, green, and yellow icons are spaces you can land on in the board.


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can you give us the color scheme you will be using? I recommend changing it from makecode’s horrific default palette


I didn’t think of that yet…but ok!

Here are all the hex codes of the colors that I use, in order:

1: FFFFFF (white)
2: FF2121 (red)
3: FF93C4 (pink)
4: FF6F00 (orange)
5: FFEA00 (yellow)
6: 249CA3 (dark turqouise)
7: 39F01D (lime green)
8: 003FAD (dark blue)
9: 00B3FF (sky blue)
10: 8E2EC4 (purple
11: A8A8A8 (gray)
12: 5C406C (dark purple)
13: E5CDC4 (tan)
14: CC8F69 (cinnamon brown, I believe)
15: 000000 (black)

If you want me to change up some of the colors, let me know and I will!


Let’s go! Demik can be a part of the game!


For anyone who can’t visualize hex codes (aka everyone XD) here is what those look like. I love the addition of gray and the darker light blue, but I have a few suggestions:

  • Brown, as cinnamon seems to light to be the only one
  • Change the white to off-white
  • Change the black to off-black (slightly pigmented)
  • Dullen the warm tones- while the cool ones seem dull enough to pass, the warms are all almost fully statured! either this or make the cool tones also statured to match.
    You can do none, some, or all! I don’t mind!

My character shall be me taser it should look identical to my pfp: you can make my design with 30x30

How to unlock: find a secret on a specific board (VOLTLAND)

The secret: a special yet ordinary blue tile (in VOLTLAND) you must land on after getting a 6 through dice roll (this is required for the glow to happen), when u manage to do it, the tile will glow bright yellow before turning to a permanent black within seconds and then you unlock taser,

My Dice block: a yellow and bright blue mix of color will be on dice. The special ability (if I am allowed to) is mainly sabotaging (randomly) others by zapping them with lightning and making them lose a turn

My board: a board that is basically of a very cool lightning cloud with my face on it: I shall call it VOLTLAND, also if I may, CAN i request a custom icon on the board: a green tile with my hat on it, that basically teleports whoever lands on it to another random tile

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hi guys this looks really cool can I help :slight_smile:

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Yeeee! I want my self in pweese!

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Alright! I’ll get to work on these color suggestions.

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Woah, this is really cool! I honestly thought about including you with a board called “Taser’s Wild West,” but that could work too.

Also, special abilities aren’t a thing (there are only special dice blocks,) but I could make the lightning a separate item!


Here is My Charecter: Blast Box

His Die looks like this

You unlock him by Rolling a 1 than a 2 than a 3 than a 4 than a 5 and than a 6 (over six turns of course)
I will post his board soon


now, bc I still dont understand (small brain here), you can just go over to tower of the twins, and take the art of the main character (e.g Demik)

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Do you mean rolling these numbers in a row? Because that would have like…
a 1/6^6 probablity, or 1 out of every 46 thousand sets of six rolls.

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Pls keep the white color white in the game and pls turn the green into dark green


Yeah, @randomuser is right. That would be insanely hard to unlock.

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Hmm… the off-white would be a lot easier on the eyes, and in most cases it is indistinguishable from white without seeing them side by side.
IDRC about green, thats up to any green characters!

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