Is There Curriculum for MakeCode Arcade?

Has anyone seen or heard about any school curriculum/books for MakeCode Arcade? At summer school I’m going to be using the Chibitronics Love to Code Volume 1 (

Is there anything similar to this for MakeCode Arcade?

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I don’t think there’s physical books, but there are plenty of official videos and some others!


Thanks. I’ve seen the videos, and they’re helpful, but text books/curriculum would be best for building lessons.

There are actually a few! We have a new ap cs principles course that is coming out, a few quarter length courses (that I wrote a significant portion of, but it was a while ago / might have some things that are slightly outdated with new features), and we intend to have skillmaps come out to fill the gap for shorter periods of time / one or two day periods.

@KIKIvsIT is a great resource to talk to on this, so tagging her


Hi @GoMustangs - yes, our Computer Science Principles curriculum uses MakeCode Arcade. Check it out here - AP Computer Science Principles with Microsoft MakeCode


Thank you! I appreciate it!

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Cool! Thank you!

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