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My name is Kiki and I’m the Director of Education here at MakeCode. Feel free to post questions here and tag me. I’ll be happy to help you out!



Hello, I am looking for an AP Computer Science Principles curriculum and professional training. Is the MakeCode program and professional development approved by the College Board? Can you please give me information on your PD and lead me to the curriculum location? Thanks very much!

I’m sure you’ve found what you needed by now, but just in case, here’s the link to all of the CSP info!

AP Computer Science Principles with Microsoft MakeCode

Hi Kiki,

I’m looking into the Arcade curriculum for my 7th graders but the course material seems to be inside of an imagineacademy link that is broken. Is there anyway we can see the curriculum and approximately how long is the course?

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I didn’t come across a broken link, but here’s a fast-forward through the beginning pages. Please note that these are more like “lesson plans”. We don’t yet have a fleshed-out classroom set of curricula.

Introduction (

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Thank you for developing the AP CSP curriculum. This is my 5th year teaching the class, using your curriculum this year for the first time.
Do you have any formal assessments for the units besides using the sample questions from the AP website? Thanks for all you do, Steve

Hi Steve! Thanks for your question. Please check out the AP CS Principles discussion area on this forum for questions and answers relating to the AP CSP course. There are minimal formalized assessments in the course. Some of the formalized assessment you can find in the AP CS Classroom questions, some as worksheets or reading comprehension questions. Debbie Alexander (@grandmadeb) has also made some vocabulary quizzes in Blooket that she said she’s happy to share - Hope this helps!

Oooops, one of those Blooket links is kind of just about my class. I reposted Units 1 and 2 in the APCSP section. =]