I've started working on a new Sonic Arcade Game

I got bored one day, so I decided to make a Sonic game. It’s a WIP, but here’s a demo for it. It’s really buggy, but I don’t feel like fixing it right now. The level unlocking system is broken, and so are the other characters since I forgot to save some code, but whatever. You can only play as Sonic in GHZ act 1. He has the dropdash, although spamming the A button causes a bug that keeps you jumping unless you hold down, which starts a spindash and cancels the bug out. It’s a result of some early, faulty code. Also, there is momentum, but the slopes have too much influence IMO. I’m gonna update the game later and fix the bugs, but not now.


okay cool game

amazing game!!!

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This is an incredible sonic game! way better than I’ve ever made! great job.

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