When is the First WindOS Build?

I really want to see a pre-release of WindOS, but, I don’t have anything at all to refer to besides a few pictures. I want to review the code and pitch in. I want the Most Recent Build, and maybe I can help with it. This question is mainly for @S0m3_random_guy

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Here, have a leak:
arcade-CrystalOS-Basic-alpha-001 (5)

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I completely threw away the original core and I re-did it. For now I have done the time system which looks something like this:

Idk i have a lot of work now with online school kicking in but I promise the desktop will be done within two weeks completely, I’m so sorry i have to keep you waiting like this

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I downloaded the image and the code looks great :smiley: Mind If I pitch in?

From the LoadSettings part of the startup, I noticed UNIXep, CurrentDay, and sysTime don’t exist yet. I see a lot of Arrays in Initialization, and that you implemented a time system! I really love the bootscreen as well! The lock screen reminds me of Windows :slight_smile: The password system isn’t quite implemented yet, but That should get done soon. This runs at around 1,500 fps, and I see that after you pass the lock screen the sprite count goes up. I wish there was a mouse cursor to operate the OS with, however, I don’t think that you implemented it yet into CrystalOS. For Right Now, CodeOS is focusing more on the technical side rather than the Consumer (or general) side. I see the potential of this OS, however the theme of it is kind of uncertain. I would rate this a 9.5/10. I also made some modifications to the theme (your main theme is Aqua-Teal to Black). So I changed some things to be more in with the theme. Some other things I noticed is the time didn’t exactly save with each session Reset. I changed the theming up a bit too and made the OS look sleeker.

Feel Free to ask me for help if you need it :grin:

@S0m3_random_guy When will the next CrystalOS Build be leaked?