Knee of the Bee - 1p/2p co-op bee catching

Bees are swarming and you want to start a farm. Don your bee suit and grab a net. Be careful of the red ‘killer’ bees.

Round-based with increasing difficulty.

I put a pause on the net animation so it would complete the animation, but it seems to be queuing the animations? I tried to throw a ‘Stop all animations’ in a few different places, but it doesn’t seem to work, maybe I’m using it wrong.

I’d like to add a versus mode with no threshold where you just compete for a high score.
I would also like to improve the menu, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary code.

Also I seemed to break something by setting score to my combined score variable. Not a big deal, but I am curious if there’s a way to do that nicely so you can see a 2p high score across rounds.

Criticism is appreciated.


This is such a fun game and very addictive. To stop the queuing of the animations, I just added two variables that check whether the two heros are already swinging the net.

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I like this logic of this fix, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried with your version and I also tried updating my own code. I’m mashing space bar on the keyboard(a) and if I let go it keeps swinging for a few swings.

The reality is that it was only an issue when rounds ended and in 2p mode because the net would keep swinging, but I threw in a few lines to destroy and re-initialize the net.

Really nice co-op game! I do competition games because I can’t think of anything co-op

Do you mind if I take a look at your version?

I tried both of the below (for the giggles) and it still seems to queue the animations. Maybe it’s my laptop latency/fps?



I think the queueing is caused by the pause block.
You can experiment with using the game timer instead of the pause block to get similar results (although not perfect as the first A press of a game doesn’t do anything)


Very nice, thank you! That one definitely works. I added set swingNet1 to time since start(ms) to the On Start block and it’s not really noticeable.

I’m going to try out the BlockMenu extension and potentially add the versus mode, but the animation cancel issue was hurting my brain.

Updates complete!
Menu-Blocks Extension
Two-Player Versus mode(No threshold)
Two-Player Co-Op Session High Score tracking

Bug Fix:
Net swing queuing animation resolved.