Load files from google drive

Is it possible to Import a .hex file from Google drive? I organize my lessons in a Google document. In the document there are links to breadboard wiring(.png) and Block code(.hex).

  1. I store my code, .hex, on Google drive. I set it’s share to Anyone with this link, Role is Editor.(For this example the Role is Editor to give it the best chance to succeed. Normally the Role is Viewer.)
  2. I apply the link to a word in my Google document.
  3. While teaching, I left-click on the word and choose Copy Link.
  4. In MakeCode I click Import and select Import URL. I paste the link and click Go ahead!

This fails, MakeCode returns this message, Sorry, the project file looks invalid

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is opening a Google URL possible in MakeCode?

Thank you!

Hi …

Try downloading the hex file from your drive to local machine & then just drag / drop it onto the editor - does it work this way ?

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Why not just use the Share project URL links in the document instead? Like: https://support.microbit.org/support/solutions/articles/19000086289-sharing-a-makecode-project

The link currently opens a new copy of the generated URL, so the “shared” work wouldn’t change the contents of what was originally shared. (It sounds like they are working on an update where a project can be “shared” in a new way — the link would still open a copy, but the original work could easily be updated and the link would open a copy of the update…currently the project needs to be re-shred and URLs updated if there are any changes that replace the prior version)

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