Microsoft MakeCode

Windows MakeCode offline editor will not install

Windows 10 does not recognize the downloaded file “makecode-ev3-setup-win64.exe” as being an executable file from, from web page

Please fix ASAP.

Hm, the file downloaded and installed on my windows 10 device; do you have any more details you can share? If you click the windows button on the keyboard and open the About your pc page, it should give information about your device; the System type entry under Device specifications and the Windows Specifications section would be helpful.

I finally found the page that downloaded the offline editor from:

Scroll to the bottom, check the box, download and install the Widows version.

It would not open. Others have tried it and filed too.

Dan Katanski

You might have to re-name the downloaded file to have a .exe extension.

So if the file name is amd64, rename it to amd64.exe (or whatever, just make sure it ends in .exe)

Yes, that is the right page; the same file works on my machine so I need more information to identify what’s causing it to fail to open. Are you perhaps using a 32 bit or ARM device? The System type value on the about your pc info page will tell you what type it is.

When I downloaded it, the file was named like amd64. That’s it. No extension