MakeCode for Arcade Coding Lesson

>> Live Stream! <<

Follow along as we code a retro video game.


The MakeCode team will be streaming three lessons a day, all week!

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@richard if you see this you need to zoom out the recording window (only see top left 1/4)

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Here is the game from today’s stream by Shannon and Richard.

Here’s game #2! We started work on a crossy road/frogger game:


I noticed that the wall function in the tilemap doesn’t work if you use the On Button Pressed blocks instead of the Move With Buttons blocks. Do I need to add something additional, or is it not possible to add walls within the tilemap when using Button Pressed blocks?

@wynneb thanks for pointing that out! We made that change intentionally so that if you set a sprite’s location directly, it will always move to that location even if there is a wall in the way. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to “teleport” a sprite to the beginning of a level if there were walls in between it and the start location.

There’s definitely something wrong here though. I think maybe we should only be applying that logic if you set x/y directly and not if you use the change x/y blocks.

Oh, I should clarify. You can totally set walls in the button pressed blocks! But if you set the sprite’s location directly instead of using velocity, the physics engine will not apply collisions

Hey everyone! Here’s part two of crossing the stream. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you have any questions!

That was made using 15 colors. Wow. Who made it?

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It is cool actually.