More than one tilemap loaded with Split-Screen extension?

For a game mechanic, I’d like to know if the possibility of more than one tilemap being used at the same time is possible with this:

(I have a strange feeling that I’ve asked this somewhere before, but idk)

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No. Tilemaps are global. The split screen is essentially just another camera, independent of the main camera normally used.

So, if I wanted the effect of different tile maps, I’d have to compile them all into one tile map?

Yes. You can use walls to separate the players.

Ok, thanks. I needed the impression of multiple tilemaps as a game mechanic, so this limitation is fine with the idea of multiple tilemaps. It probably means I’m gonna have to scrap my procedural tilemap generator which I planned to incorporate, though?

No, just have the procedural generator work within certain bounds.

Ok, thanks!

For sake of “I want this game done soon” I’ll probably only use procedural generation for single player mode.

In advance, how many individual tile maps could I put into one before the editor gets mad at me?

@richard do we have one somewhere? I know we have a limit of 256 on number of tiles in one tilemap, but closest I can think of right away would be image dimensions for the img of walls which in theory should be 65536x65536 but will be limited by browser buffer length restrictions far before that re: . (e.g. size 10000x10000 images work, by some definition of working at least

In practice… don’t use one that big please [: it also just won’t run on hardware at all past a point because the allocations would be too big to hold in memory (e.g. the screen itself takes up a little under 10kb of memory and many of the devices are only around 100kb in the first place)

yeah, there is no limit on tilemap size but as joey mentioned, try to stay within the bounds of reason!

How much lag?


If I hack my raspberry pi to have, like, 10 times the component power, still possible?

and finally

Using images, do you mean making an image tile map and using smth like Tile utils to cover each colour with a specific tile?

The image I was referring to is internal to the tilemap – the way we store where the walls are internally is an image with pixels set to a certain color if the location is a wall.

The easiest way to check is to try :slight_smile: e.g. the link I put in the previous message has a 10000x10000 image, it’s just incredibly slow. You can most likely get away with a 1000x1000 in the browser without too much impact, but it will definitely not work on hardware (I’d have to double check on raspberry pi how much memory we allow you to allocate, but similarly just trying and scaling back if it doesn’t work is the easiest solution).

Ok, thanks!