MS MakeCode for Adafruit CPX Windows app

I am using the “Microsoft MakeCode for Adafruit Circuit Playground Express” Windows app, downloaded from the MS Store. I like that it allows development without an internet connection. Its “Settings, About” pop-up shows the following information with links to the corresponding GitHub projects:

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express version: 1.4.43
Microsoft MakeCode version: 5.20.6
codal-circuit-playground runtime version: v2.0.1

How can I identify the versions currently being offered in the MS Store app without installing the app and checking its About… information? Also, is there a way I can be notified when the MS Store app gets updated?

Apps in the windows are just a wrapper (winrt to be exact) over the website with additional functionality like file save, one click flash and works offline. They are exactly the same version as the webpage. As the app points to the live website url, they will be automatically updated when the website update is released. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you abchatra. That is just what I needed to know.