My submission for the MakeCode Arcade Game Jam #6: GLITCH

Hallo. This is my submission for the MAGJ #6. It features TIME control. It features TIME clones. It features evolution over TIME. The instructions and everything is in the game. Comment your fastest time down below. Mine is 15.864 seconds…


The title screen looks amazing! love the animation you did


Thank you!

Great concept and great game.
Personal Best:4.55

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great game wow

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Heh, you don’t know the power of speed running…


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You fool I beat it in 5.36 seconds (tbh it was a complete accident that I beat it that fast)

Update: 2.987 seconds (SOMEHOW)

10.27 seconds



mm. Milliseconds. My worst enemy.

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I love how after seven months people pick this thing up and start speedrunning it.


My new record is 2.245 seconds.

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Tbh this game can get very glitchy when you mess with it wayyy too much (the sprites duplicated idk why)

you are new to speedruns i got 1.124 seconds

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Wow! I saw your game on Microsoft Arcade! It’s super dupa cool! Nice!!! (btw i got like 15 seconds)

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1.256??? (I got lucky and the right button froze while being on)

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I got lucky again but this time I got it in 1.189 :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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