Need help? Ask us anything! [CLOSED] [1/8/2021]

Do you ever wonder how to make a game where the enemies are actually smart? Do your pixel art dogs always end up looking more like pixel art deer? Do you stay up at night wondering what our favorite onomatopoeia is?

Well worry no more! We can answer all your questions, solve all your problems! Ask all your questions here and we will answer them live on stream

Questions can be about your game, about MakeCode, about us, or anything! I haven’t seen a question yet that has surprised me yet, so my challenge to YOU is to challenge US :smiley:

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What is your least favourite block

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Oh yeah, can you make an intro song for the makecode youtube and twitch channel then share the project with me? If you can’t or whatever reason it is fine.


Why does it sill say open, is this closed?

Updated, thanks! Hey @livcheerful do you think we should set up another one of these?

o yeah we can do one this friday!