Need Help with John Park's Platformer Game Tutorial Part II

I have been trying to recreate the 2 Cat 2 Curious Platform game using John Park’s tutorials. I have actually had kids do it as well and we are all stuck at the same place. Towards the end of the video, in the ‘on game update’ block, he has us add the different variations of the cat sprites to make it look like it’s jumping. However, when it is standing still, it is glitching back and forth between ‘downcat’ (lol) and the original cat (neutral) position. It happens when we add the remainder block in the else if. Because his is a divide sign that looks like a traditional one and it currently has a / in arcade, I feel there might have been a change to the program. He clearly says divide and not plus. What am I missing?

That video is getting a bit old at this point as it was captured back in 2020; a few releases back we swapped to using the / as the division symbol after lots of user feedback that the symbol was more well understood / less ambiguous (the % and + symbols looked identical in the font used when rendering the blocks, especially when you are zoomed out a bit).

Thank you for the feedback / sorry this section gave you trouble!