NOT Raft

Here it is @shakao
Press menu > Hover above an empty tile and press B to build a raft piece (Score is materials)

Oh no! I was also building a raft game for the jam! Guess I’ll have to think of something else :pensive:.

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wdym it is not raft… sorry… But you could make a similar game! Something with a fisher story or something

Or make a pirate ship battle game! With weapon uprades and speed upgrades and stuff!

So on menu button pressed build mode (bm) is set to 1
If bm is 1 the cursor appears and building is possible, not moving
Press again and bm is 2 building not possible, moving, cursor disappears; !!!bm resets to 0!!!
Press menu again and bm will be set to 1 but the hammer does not appear…

Here’s the issue! You need to set “build mode lock” to zero also, otherwise you are locked out of build mode the next time you press the menu button:


@GameGod It’s totally fine to have two raft-themed games for the jam! We have had a lot of similar concepts in the past (racing games, crossy-road type games) and it was still interesting to see how people executed them in different ways!


TYSM @shakao


Can not read property ‘fields’ of null
… See yourself!
(Score is material)

Press menu > Press A > Select (30) Water > go ever a random piece of your raft > Press B to place the water cleaner > Press menu to exit build mode > overlap with the water cleaner and press B > ERROR… (this should hapen: wait 10 seconds > Overlap with it and your thirst bar (blue) will go up)

Press menu > Press A > Select (50) Food> go ever a random piece of your raft > Press B to place the cooking place > Press menu to exit build mode > overlap with the cooker and press B > ERROR… In debug it shows the Block: if player overlap with water cleaner then… (this should happen: wait 10 seconds > Overlap with it and your hunger bar (Brown) will go up)

Now… If you place both (water cleaner and cooker) IT WORKS…
But still on the first clean/ cook they teleport… HUH
HEEEEELLLLP @shakao @jwunderl @darzu @richard @livcheerful @hassan

When you see that error, it usually means that you have a variable that you are using before you set it to anything. The easiest way to figure it out is to use the debugger, press the bug button under the simulator to enter debug mode. Then, when the bug occurs the simulator should freeze and the block that is causing the bug will be highlighted

I did that! If I tried out the water the error is at the food (and the other way around) but I still dont know exactly what I should change to fix that

I put a variable to true and made an if to check if a water cleaner/ cooking thing id placed
Thanks for the help

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I know it is not christmas yet… but still here you go! (Press A to start/ B to stop)

@GameGod @richard @shakao @jwunderl @livcheerful @darzu @hassan @Colethewolf @Kat @UnderwaterAstronaut

That is awesome, very well made.

Ask and ye shall receive!