Off-line Imagery

After downloading Kristian Pedersen’s image convert to sprite files ( and two images from Google search: desert and camel, I changed the images extensions upon download from .jpg to .png and then went off-line. Now I can open the Kristian Pedersen files by unzipping them (I use BreeZip) and then click on “index” in the files which brings up the conversion page and I then select each of the files and import them as sprites into Arcade. The desert sprite image I drag into the ‘scene’ blocks to make the background and do some art modification, like change the sun from white to yellow using yellow and fill bucket. Then I import the camel from Pedersen converter after reducing the size to 0.7 resize and leave this as a sprite. Then I modify the camel by auto filling all background behind the camel with blank grey/white checkered fill using the fill bucket. Now add action commands in Arcade to move the camel. This could be animated more by changing leg positions in sequence . This is just to show that it can be done off-line; for example if student has reduced wifi data or is working on a Chromebook off-line; this all could be saved to a remote drive; thumb or SD card. The share code:
I could do a video of this to explain it if anyone wants that.