Phoenix Quest

Description: Collect objects as you run and jump through different levels.


@jobulisamy Naisu Naisu!(Nice Nice!) This game is really good! :wink:

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WOW! THIS IS SO COOL! I love the concept of the B button. i love all of these levels! it takes a while to get through them sometimes, but its not so difficult that its imposible. Phoenix Quest has to be one of the best games ive seen- (i’d put it up there with “THE BIGEST GAME”)!

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Nice to meet you, @jobulisamy , I like your 1st posted game, and how do you win the game?

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i thought it was like something to do with pheonix sc lOl

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Thank you! When I was testing it I thought it would be boring but hopefully it isn’t.

Thank you so much!

I was going to have it with an actual Phoenix as the main character but I didn’t know how to draw a Phoenix so I just made the Phoenix Gem.

Hi Skitter, you win the game by finding the Phoenix Gem in level 4 and escaping in time. In order to get to the Phoenix Gem you need to collect the coins and keys.

oh ok xd

All coins?

Not really. If you collect 15-20 coins in the first 3 levels you should be good.