Project is very slow to load

My grandson who is nearly 11 has developed a game which is taking a long time to load the code.

I have just timed it at 2:38 for an older version. Switching from javascript to blocks appears to be the issue.

It would seem from what he says that the project reached a critical point and suddenly slowed down. It could be that it is just too big. He has overlapped his blocks - too many layers?

The game is an adventure type game where the player moves from room to room.

The link to the old version is

Thanks in advance for any advice.



First of all, I really enjoy the art style in this game! Your grandson has done a good job :).

The project you shared is in blocks to begin with. When I try to edit the code, the project loads in about 30 seconds or so. Going back to the arcade homepage and then back into the project results in a 16 second load time. Moving the project to Javascript results in 7 second load times when clicking on the project from the home screen.

The scale of this project is impressive, but I don’t think it’s a universal limit or critical point your grandson is hitting. The computer that I use is fairly new and powerful, so my experience is going to be better. If the computer that your grandson is using is an older one, then that may be the liming factor to how large of a project they can create while still having reasonable load times.


Hi Hassan

Thank you very much for the prompt and very helpful reply