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PyBadge Pinouts Diagram

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I was wondering if anyone has a diagram of the headers on the PyBadge? Adafruit has a brief description that I could find, but I am having trouble knowing what are grounds and what are the corresponding pins for Makecode. I want to be able to provide my students a visual they can use when they start wiring up their PyBadge. Thank you for any help!

Here is the Feather spec:

Feather Specification | Introducing Adafruit Feather | Adafruit Learning System

A table with the pin labels is toward the bottom of the page.

Here is info on the STEMMA connectors:

What is STEMMA? | Adafruit STEMMA & STEMMA QT | Adafruit Learning System

If you’re still stuck, then just give a holler.


I spent some time looking for an answer to this question. It will be interesting to see if anyone offers a diagram to answer it.

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Once I can wrap my head around it I will create one to share here.

Hey Alex - This link was helpful, but I still have a question on which can be used as a ground. I notice there is only one pin for ground and I am hoping some of these other pins can act as ground, so we can attach different inputs to the board.

Thank you as always!


If I’m interpreting the photos correctly, then the PyBadge has two connections for each pin in the Feather spec. So, two ground connections, two 3v3 connections, etc. To verify, if you have a multimeter, you can test the 3v3 and ground connections. I don’t own a PyBadge … at least, not yet. I’ve been wanting one for a while, though, and I’ll put it in the budget for next month!

If you need additional connections, then you could use a breadboard or a proto board to give you some extra space to build circuits. I’ve linked a couple of products below that may be helpful.