Python IDE Recommendations?

Hey guys! Any recommendations for a python IDE in a chromebook? I have to get one so I can use my work in two separate places for school. It’s for a major project and I can post it here once I finish it.

Pycharm if you can, VS code works well too.

VSCode is very efficient and works like a charm, but you could also just use PyCharm. (see what I did there). Both can be installed on Linux, which is what Chromebook is based on.

Other options include:

  • Notepad++ (only if you want the basics)
  • Sublime text
  • Atom (discontinued)

Well, most of these are general code editors. If you need specifically an IDE for Python, I recommend PyCharm. If you think something more general but with a wider range of possibilities is better, use VSC. Performance wise, VSC is very good, but I can’t tell for PYC since I don’t use it

By the way, what are you making?


It’s a short text-based adventure game with 20 rooms and you have to get through them all. Mainly for a python project due in about 4 weeks. It’s stressful though because there are some mechanics I haven’t figured out yet.


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@UnsignedArduino @Sarge PyCharm didn’t work. Trying VS code right now. If that also doesnt work, probably gonna get myself a windows computer the day before I turn in my project (sarcasm hopefully that doesn’t happen)

I assume it’s played in the console then?

Why didn’t it work? I could link you some tutorials on the installation if you need? Chromebook uses ChromeOS, written specifically for the Chromebook - but it’s just a Linux distribution. Everything can be done through the terminal

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Nope. It’s just a bit of code with no screen really. It’s text-based. My teacher uses IDLE as the python ide.

Well, that’s what I meant by console :thinking:
I was refering to the ‘console’

And not the other ‘console’.

If that’s how you understood it haha

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Haha! Yeah I knew what you were talking about. My mom let me borrow her computer and I finished my project! Probably going to share the code from the IDLE python app so y’all can look at it.

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Alright yall. So the bad part is that it doesn’t carry over the tabs or the 4 spaces.