Skill Map Fuel Up activity not showing Status Bar category

On the MakeCode Arcade Skill Map some of my students cannot get the status bar category to appear when the lesson is loaded. It has worked for most, but there are a few who can’t. For reference, all students are using chromebooks.
Here are the things we tried:
Restart lesson with fresh code (worked for most but not all)
Reset entire skill map
Install status bar extension on another project
Restarting the chromebook

Any ideas?

BTW, since I can’t edit it, and it is not clear in the body, this is for the Fuel Up lesson portion of the skill map.

@shakao is the fix for this released yet?

Yeah, it was released over a week ago. @dgebhart have you seen this issue recently? If you run into it again, could you go to on the machines where it does happen and tell us what version the site is on? Version number at the very bottom of the page:

It was happening the day I posted it. I have not had those students again yet, but I will update if it doesn’t work for them with the version they are using.

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