Smash bros

you want to help on a Stealth platformer that me, @Agent_14 and @ggiscool is working on? the topic will be posted in a bit

Sure I can help

The combo extension is good but you have to hit the buttons at the perfect time for them to work

Wow great key binds and moves.

Can’t wait for Mario, then we’ll see who really wins!

Wow this is so cool it similar to what im doing(Mortal combat)

@Danscotty nice can we see?

Not really ready I am testing with a few terrible characters so I need to work on the change characters and it has tiles so it wont be an exact copy so ill send it when half is ready.

Also can I help?

By the way cool combo’s

Well I need to start over with Mario because that file I was in was wrong and the code hade so many errors that the game crashed every file I had but this is fine I wasn’t that far into Mario so I can do is over

My file has been corrupted and the code is slowing my iPad :sob:so I hade to delete it but I still have Mario’s move still there Kirby right now is done when I am finished with all the characters I will add sounds to them this

Sure that’s fine

:slight_smile: thanks!

So this is what I’ve been working on this is 2 player though it’s hard to make ai that fights you.

how do you get combo’s?

Well, using your trick and some brain-power, I managed to make this.

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i can make 2p mario as like Luigi and link as zelda and kirby as king dee dee dee and mega man as R.O.B

sorry schools been my main priority im backn now and able to code again

here is the version now credit to @personalnote for the attacks

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