Sonic Micro Adventure

Oh no! Eggman’s back at conquering Mobius, and it’s Sonic’s job to stop him! You must collect rings, defeat enemies, and complete the levels to foil Eggman’s plans.


  • Left/Right - Move
  • A - Jump
  • Down + A (Don’t hold) - Spin Dash

Note: This build so far is super buggy

After the success of the game I made for our school’s programming club, I decided to make another game. I made this game a while ago and I think it’s okay. If you have any suggestions, please I’d love to hear it.


Wow this is great I made a sonic game like this like half a year ago but forgot about it because it was so buggy I could show you mine and use the code I used for how I made sonic lose his rings

Thank you! Although I have been thinking about how Sonic can lose rings, I’d love to see how you made Sonic lose them.

here’s my game it wont work as good cause i messed up with the animations but there are good bits and peices in it i think you could use i did use the rings from sam the hamster game by agent 14 i did edit it so you could actually collect the rings back when you get hurt rather them just falling on the floor flashing


hope you like it sorry it doesnt work for some reason makecode aracde wont let me make big maps or games with big code

i dont know how you share games on this
could you please help

Hey, Segatendo!

So I finally did the ring loss thing, and it works! Thanks!

Also, here’s how to share the games:
So you have this thing on the top right on your Arcade screen when you load a game, then you click on the second button as highlighted.

Then you’ll be greeted by this. You can name and set the thumbnail of your game. Then publish.

After that, it will give you a link so you can share it with other people to play!

That’s all. Here’s also the link of my updated game.

This is great!

Wow! That is amazing! Good job! Sonic’s running animation is really good.

but warning the music does hurt your ears and the animation kinda isnt working if you go on the code you can see thereal animations rather than it continuesly being a ball .but i know im typing alot but theres another thing on this forum called how to make sonic go upside down withought falling and i wanted to use that in this but the slopes are at different angles so it wouldnt work

the rings like i said was from sam the hamster but i made everything else myself ,there is some code for water overlapping some so it looks cool but yeh

but here is the game

so guys i have read this ages ago on my phone and i made the game on my laptop so i couldnt realy share it until next time i went on it but since im in sixth form i was realy busy with all homework and exams and that and for some reason for the past few months the game simulator on makecode arcade wouldnt load so i was unsure on wich was wich

I noticed that your slopes don’t work. If you want to, you can use some of the physics engine code from my sonic physics demo if you want, just be sure to CREDIT ME if you do. I only coded gradual slopes, but it could still be useful.

I know I used your slopes code and it cause a lot of bugs

I can’t try again to use them though

*can sorry for the late reply

theres the game i made but i need help with jump animation and it wont change level

Hey guys, so it’s probably been a while since I last posted this since I am working on different projects, but here’s the final build I made last January.

Anyways, I won’t be doing anymore updates to this game, so have fun!

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pretty nice but you better take a look at sonic physics guide