SOUND EFFECTS! (for Among Us)

Hello Makecoders! Today I will need your help again! I am making Among Us in Amkecode Arcade! But what is a game without its sound effects right?
So if you are good at making sound effects listen!
I need your help with the sound effects…

  • …was an (not)impostor typing sound
  • Role Screen (impostor and crewmate)
  • Task Completed Sound
  • Kill Sound
  • Report Sound
  • Button Sound
  • Vent Sound
  • Win/Loose Sound (Impostor and Crewmate)
  • Step (walking) Sounds
  • Sabotage Siren
  • Engine Sounds (the shhh pfff stuff)


It is an ambitious project, but I do not think that you can make custom sound effects in makecode arcade yet.

Possibly create a melody or a mixture of notes?

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I know :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:
But they said there will be soon… maybe there are some that are possible…

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Yea… I will wait until the new custom sounds

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Sorry but this sounds like a fire alarm… I could not do better but also there seems to be an error!

There is this extension:, but you may have to use beta version of Makecode editor.

Example for basic effects:

Link to the beta editor for trying the new waveforms:

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The extension works with the current stable Makecode Arcade editor as long as you stick to the currently supported waveforms. (Up to and including “square 50%”). The new waveforms (cycle 16/32/64 and tunable noise) only work in the beta, they will be silent if you try to use them in the current version.