Splash screen Bug and Speed of Sprite?

Another student made this game using tutorials for our game design unit. https://makecode.com/_KmU35Tdjc9ek

The splash screen doesn’t work for him as it seems to break everything…Any ideas why? He can’t create a splash screen for a title to his game. We are using this example from youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS8wVEggbhY

Also if he wants to change the speed of his sprite - I can’t seem to figure it out? I know the code must look horrible for experts!

Can you provide any extra information about what you mean when you say it breaks the game? It seems to work for me…

Oh, wow! Now I see what you mean. When you put a splash screen at the beginning, the whole page blows up.

Weird. When I open it in an incognito window and add the splash screen, it works just fine. Can you try editing the project incognito and see if that fixes the problem?