Stop Path Following

Hello! I need help with stopping the path following extension. I am currently working on coding Among us in makecode Arcade. I set the Green Guy to go to a point of the map. If I am imposter and kill him his dead body will continue to slide along. I want him just to lie there.
I tried setting velocity, path following speed and others to zero, but he will keep moving. What should I do?

Also I want him to go to the point and then wait there and then set a new path and follow it, but all he does is wiggle around and destroying my frames…

Of course I could just make it like the original Singleplayer where the Crewmates just spawn in different rooms and stay there… But its nicer to play when they move around!
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I see the problem you have in the gif as well. Is that what you are technically explaining

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It’s taking me a while to load. I’m pretty sure that the code is humongous if I think about it

Yes when I am done I will clean up the code by using functions and stuff like that. Also I tried multiple extensions (Like Minimaps which unfortunately doesn’t work)

That makes sense. Minimaps extension is supposed to give you a map to use in a corner screen or something. Are you going to make a mini map of the skeld?

I tried by pressing menu but nothing happened I copied it from the description of the minimap extension. I did a minimap in another game and there it worked fine… maybe something with the menu button or something is interferfering with it

The minimap is made by using the tilemap and my tilemap is very big… maybe that

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True. Then there are the “!” marks on the maps which you might want to add. Then there are the roles of playing as a crewmate

and voting plus emergency meetings but its not like that they can talk or possibly text though

and venting

I just have no Idea on how to do those… i have buttons on the map when you stand on them and press a button tasks go up… I just dont know how to make the minigames and so on… I have an idea for venting… you just teleport to another random vent… I really would appreciate if you could help me with those… I mean I am a teenage boy currently being ill at home so I tried Makecode Arcade and started with Among Us

you did a REALLY good job on this I can tell it is not done but it is really amazing that you can replicate a game very good programmers made! keep making great games!

I started with micro:bit 2 years ago and I made a code with 5 games and 3 apps you can choose from… but everything is limited to 2 buttons and 25 LEDs so it was not easy

Wow thanks! I was only working on it for 4 days and I am a teenager… I really hope I will finish this project and create more games like flight sims (working on one rn) and maybe some others.
Really appreciate it! Thanks

I have a feeling that you could program this game without CPU’s but only with 4 players though. You could add 4 more CPU’s and 4 players. Just get 4 microbits or something, connect them to the same game and make all the tasks and there is among us

Nice idea! Have you figured out anything for the path following to stop?

Do you know where the strip of code is when the crewmate follows something?

you probably will! it looks like you were working very hard :o) the art also looks EXACTLY like the charactars! (but I never played the game)!

you mustve watched yt vids on it

Actually not … there is not many things about it … the map is created after I watched on how to build a platformer… and the path following is by the tower defense stream…