Projects Getting wiped/Disappearing

I am hoping someone can help me. My first graders use Makecode on iPads. This week, all except 3 students’ projects all disappeared. Because they have their own iPads in class, I don’t have them sign out of their Microsoft account. However, this morning, they were all signed out and had to resign back into Microsoft. Once they signed in, none of their projects were there. Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s not just with a couple of students, it’s majority of the class. They save and exit every time they leave MakeCode and MCEE so they are saving their projects properly each time they add/edit. Please advice. Thank you!!

@JennyKuo Did your students lose work in MCEE, or was it a different MakeCode environment (e.g. Arcade, Microbit)? So sorry this is happening! Losing work is incredibly disheartening.

Thank you for the quick reply. :slight_smile:
Their structures in MCEE stayed but the project created in MakeCode disappeared. The project is completely gone and they have to start a new project.

Just to make sure I understand, each student uses the same iPad every day? I’m asking because MCEE MakeCode projects are stored locally, on the iPad where they were created.

Yes, each student is assigned their own iPad and uses the same one everyday. My understanding is their projects are stored in MakeCode. No? There’s no option for them to download or save the codes on the iPad.
Thank you for your help. It’s greatly appreciated.

MakeCode runs in a web browser embedded inside MCEE, and so projects get stored in an area of memory called browser storage on the iPad. Some schools have a policy of periodically erasing browser storage on district devices. Do you know if your school has a policy like this in place on your network? Because this happened to so many of your students at the same time, I wonder if it was something that originated with your IT department. I would be interested to know if it happens again the next time they use MCEE.

The closest we have to downloading a MakeCode/MCEE project right now is to share it. Sharing a project uploads a copy to the MakeCode servers and provides a URL to it. If you save this link, it can later be imported back into MakeCode to restore the project, if needed.

Thank you for the information! I’ll forward it to my ITS team. I appreciate your swift replies and helpfulness. Have a great rest of the week.