Super mario maker arcade

I voted now what

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Oh, I’m sorry, this project has already failed, due to it being started in october (2021) and it not being popular. At this point, I have gotten better at coding and the code which is here I don’t remember how it works and I didn’t commentate. I might start a similar project in the future, but this one never really “started”. Also, welcome to the Makecode community! If you want to, you can features, but I won’t really be involved unless this project gets BIG.

Ok I’ll make it myself if you want I’ll post you the finished project

i can help with this project i have already made a mario before and know how to make all the other characters in my free time so this could be fun


I’ve never done a colaberation before but if we do it in blocks im good

You can take some physics assets from my demo that I made a little while ago: How can I make sonic go upside down without falling - #16 by Kiwiphoenix364
Mainly the slopes (loops and upside down physics wouldn’t fit well in Mario).
I have wall sliding physics from New Super Mario Bros Arcade (if you can find where exactly in the code it is because this code is cluttered) and a more refined version (yet harder to implement because it is specifically designed for an auto runner in Newer Super Mario Run Arcade).
Feel free to take these assets and implement them (if you want).

Also by BIG I meant if it gets more than one person collabing and like 3 revisions/updates, because I don’t (particularly) want to update a game that nobody cares about.

are we going with old or new color mario

@Purp13 Here’s a poll:

Do you want:

  • Old Mario Sprite
  • New Mario Sprite

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also i messed up the colors of the shirt and pants they are flipped

ok guess we’re doing new mario

so there is a bug in the code where if you hit the mystery block and a brick block then it change the block to a hit block and gives you the power up or coin

I think I fixed it, I haven’t been able to pull off this bug in this version. I used “tile at location” blocks instead of “tile to top of sprite blocks”, so hopefully it should only see the location of the unhit block as where it places the hit block.

so i tried to add code to crouch but it isn’t working

also where is your code to destroy the enemy?

Its one to the left in bottom right corner “destroy othersprite”

Yeah, I think up wouldn’t work for jump especially in a platformer

super mario maker arcade (sorta fix) I tried to fix on what I added like the new multi level set up as seen in my games but it’s a bit glitchy at level 2 so I am gonna leave it to you to do something about it