My editors are playing up

I don’t know what’s going on, but my editor doesn’t run any new code I make in blocks, I need to go into another language for it to refresh. For example, I added a script to one of my games that randomly places tiles to look like the floor was natural, like random plants everywhere, but I thought it didn’t work until I remembered I need to go into either java or python for the code to actually update and execute (just an example). While it’s not a problem, it is annoying. It’s not just that game, though, it’s every project on every device I use (so don’t ask for a project link). I don’t know if it happens for any of you, any help is appreciated!

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can you send the game link?
and have you done /beta it might be an update

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Maybe because it is on every project on every device, could something be up with your account?

@Fungus i know what you mentioned about game links, but it is actually very helpful if you include one whenever you have a bug like this. i would really appreciate it if you would paste a share link to a project that has this issue.

I do use the beta ditor quite often, I just recently stopped using it, maybe that’s it? Also, I found that it only happens after I switch to one of the other languages

NVM, I think the issue is fixed itself now. (I was kind of reluctant to give you the game links, to be honest, in case it is the project causing it and the issue happens to go to your projects (I’ve had things like this happen before… a lot… and it spread to my friends’ devices… it was all outside makecode though) but also because all my projects were cringe)

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