Microsoft MakeCode

Temporary discourse outage

I loved makecode when I signed up, and when I got logged out and refreshed, it was a Clean Linux Forum. I didn’t know what to do- but I cleared all of my cookies and reset my password for the forums, so that is how I was able to log in and create this topic.

I don’t know If this will be the last ever topic, but I hope it isn’t, because the makecode forums are the best :slight_smile:
If it isn’t, This will remain, but if it is, I’ll leave it here. I enjoy being apart of the forums, and I want it to be here forever :smiley:
Have a good day, from E-EnerG

Hey, the webservice that provides the forums, Discourse, had a temporary outage. Nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

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whew! But what was with that Clean Linux Forums replacing the Makecode Forums?

Ah, it sounds like they had an issue with redirecting for a few minutes while recovering from the outage – just an issue in the discourse backend.

oh, ok! I’m glad the Forums didn’t shut down!

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